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Lizzy offers a variety of services as a music educator. 

Lizzy is pleased to finally reopen spots in her private studio for the first time in two years! These spots will NOT last, so please contact her if ASAP for a spot, either in-person at her home in Dover, DE or online. See voice studio lesson policies and guitar lesson studio policies for more information. 

Lizzy's personal vocal research specializes with aging amateur voices. In August 2021 she presented her research, "ESTABLISHING NORMATIVE VIBRATO VALUES IN AGING SINGERS" at the Pan American Vocology Association conference. This passion for working with aging singers had led to her offering a unique opportunity to work with community choirs in large vocal workshops. She recently completed a workshop with the Commonwealth Chorale in Boston, MA. Contact her for this resource, which she tailors to fit directly with your choir's needs! 

As a graduate of the vocal pedagogy masters program at New England Conservatory, Lizzy studied under Dr. Ian Howell in the NEC Voice and Acoustics laboratory. Lizzy uses her experiences as a performer as well as evidence-based voice science research to support her teaching philosophies. 

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